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For all naughty young ladies...

A Young Lady Gets Her Bottom Spanked...

What is your first name/ nickname?

(like "Krissy")

What is your spanker's name or title?

(like "Matt," "Mr. Anglen")

Your relationship?

(boss, husband, lover)

Does he have an affectionate name for you?

(like "Sweetheart" - otherwise your first name)

How do you describe your complexion?

(like pale, pink, olive, dusky, creamly, lovely)

In one or two words, what are you in trouble for?

(fibbing, procrastinating, wasting money)

What is your full first and middle name?

(like "Kristen Marie")

How else does he refer to you, now that you're going to be spanked?

(young lady, little missy, you winsome wench)

Where will you get spanked?

(the bedroom, his office, the back porch)

What does he sit on to put you over his knee?

(a straight-backed chair, the edge of the bed...)

What exactly do you have to tell him you did?

(like I told your mother I was sick so I wouldn't have to take her shopping)

Why would you do such a thing?

(like She talks my ear off and I've heard it all a million times)

What will you have to be spanked with?

(hairbrush, belt, oak paddle)

What is it made of?

(wood, leather, lexan, etc.)

Where is it kept?

(e.g. the top of the dresser, the back of the bedroom closet door)

What sound does it make as it spanks your bare bottom?

(like whap, smack, zzzzt)

What are you wearing?

(dress, jeans, slacks, pj bottoms)

What color is it / are they?

And what color are your panties?

Don't lie, they'll be checked!

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